Turning Ward 5 into a City Within the City

Hello, I’m Amir Ali, and I’m running to be your councillor in Ward 5, Mississauga. Choosing the right councillor is crucial for the future of our community, and I’m here to explain why I believe I’m the best choice to lead Ward 5. With my extensive international experience in multiple countries and industries, I bring a unique perspective that others might lack.

Ward 5 is the largest ward in Mississauga, and it deserves a leader who understands the complexities of running a diverse and vibrant area. My goal is to transform Ward 5 into a dynamic city within the city, with top-notch amenities, efficient public transportation, and beautiful parks. I believe in transparent governance where your voice is heard and valued. As your councillor, I will listen to your concerns and take decisive action to address them.

My background in international business, infrastructure, and community development has equipped me with the skills to drive growth and sustainability in Ward 5. I will work to build strong partnerships with local businesses, community groups, and educational institutions to foster innovation and community spirit.

Elect me, and together we can make Ward 5 a place where everyone feels at home—a forward-thinking mini-city within Mississauga that others will want to emulate. Let’s work together to ensure that Ward 5 has the leadership it deserves. I’m ready to serve you with dedication and integrity.

If You Elected Me

My job would be to save your Tax Dollars by increasing productivity in delivering the services you need

Who Am I

  • At the age of 13, completed training as First Aid Worker organized by The Saint John Ambulance Association.
  • Current President, Friends of Environment Association, a not-for-profit co.
  • Current President, Safe Homes for All, another not-for-profit group.
  • Worked with United Technologies Corporations, one of the top 50 Fortune Companies. The experience included trainings in Japan, France and UK
  • Remained as Director on the Board of a Mississauga Condominium Corp.
  • Remained as Director of many Riding Associations.
  • Contributed many articles on Real Estate Investment and Trade.
  • Own a Real Estate Brokerage, headquartered in Ward 7 for over a decade, and I am a proud resident of Ward 5