Comprehensive Strategies for Achieving Affordable Housing in Canada

As housing prices continue their relentless ascent across Canada, it has become increasingly imperative to devise and implement comprehensive strategies aimed at ensuring housing affordability for all citizens. This outline proposes a multifaceted approach that encompasses various measures to effectively address the ongoing housing crisis. Increasing Housing Supply: Curbing Speculative Activities: Supporting Affordable Housing Initiatives: … Continued

COVID-19 defeated

For the first time in history global economic calamity was triggered due to a virus. All flights were shut down, the entire world was put into lockdown in one way or another and all human-to-human contact, including handshakes, were prohibited. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) originated in Wuhan, China. Then the deadly virus travelled around theworld … Continued

Flaw in the Law – that must change – Buyers Beware

Owning real estate is humans’ single biggest investment. People put their maximum savings towards a down payment for a home of their dream. Government think that Buyers are protected through Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA) but that is not true. Buyers are not fully protected in cases where one Realtor is working for … Continued

New Cabinet SWORN in Canada

Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada who lost the majority has made success to form the government. He unveiled his new cabinet today, November 20, 2019, one month after elections. Mr. Trudeau‘s Liberals have only 157 seats, short of the 170 needed for a majority, meaning the Prime Minister will have to … Continued


On October 30, 2018, Liberals fulfilled their promise to appoint “an independent commission to organize leaders’ debates and bring an end to partisan gamesmanship.” They selected former Governor General David Johnston as Debates Commissioner who after the government’s invitation he was delighted and said that he is “delighted and honoured.” For any country the acceptance … Continued

IMRAN KHAN wins in Pakistan

General election results in Pakistan on Wednesday July 25, 2018, declared Imran Khan a cricket legend turned politician victorious. Elections were held in 270 constituencies for National Assembly. Imran Khan’s the Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf party (PTI) became the single largest party at the national level both in terms of popular vote and seats. The former ruling … Continued


Canada’s Green Party of Canada enjoyed victory on Monday, May 06, 2019, in a special election for a parliamentary seat of NanaimoLadysmith, British Columbia with about 38 percent of the vote casted. Paul Manly’s victory is the 2nd win for Greens, federally in 36 years. NDP was holding on to this seat which became vacant … Continued